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From Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1985 in a workshop in southwest France, Devoucoux has since been the preferred manufacturer of some of the highest quality riding equipment in the world. We handcraft every piece of equipment we sell according to the same exacting standards that built our company, and we continue to be the only manufacturer to create horse saddles, bridles, saddle pads and other equipment specifically designed to fit your riding style and discipline as well as the unique shape and measurements of your horse.

From our humble beginnings in a small workshop in France to sponsoring elite equestrian competitions and Olympian gold medalist endorsements from premier athletes that use our horse saddles, Devoucoux has remained committed to one ideal: to create the best, most beautiful, and most functional riding equipment in the world. Horses are gorgeous, majestic creatures, and the equipment they wear should match such natural beauty.

Trailblazing at its best! Designing horse breastplates with comfort, durability, and fine craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of Devoucoux since 1985. Just as every horse and rider are unique; so are the exclusive, customised saddles marketed by Devoucoux!

Created to conform to the shape and weight of the jockey while adhering to the size and performance demands of the horse, these breast plates epitomise quality! Unlike the traditional saddle which was based upon the “one size fit all” model, this technologically advanced horse breast plate considers not only the rider, but also the horse, and the expected task outcome.

Understanding the power and grace embodied by the steed, Devoucoux’s horse products are the result of long-term research; epitomize grace, strength, and diversity just as Devoucoux’s saddles, horse breast plates, and riding materials do. Undeniably, the horse’s proprioception is enhanced by the fine workmanship of these saddles as the design creates a seamless fit merging the rider and the animal. For that reason, this brandhas been endorsed by Olympians, athletes, and leisurely riders as well.

Choosing to match the natural beauty of one of nature’s most embraced animals stands to augment the bond between mankind and nature’s creatures. Not only do the horse saddles look great, but they also feel comfortable for the rider and the domesticated stallion as well. Young and old remember the picturesque details of Black Beauty standing tall and magnificent or the brute force and determination depicted by War Horse. One cannot forget the tales of greatness that have emerged from Triple Crown pursuits or media coverage surrounding movies such as Secretariat. Behind each of these stories of stardom rested the supporting player, well-crafted accessories.

Allow yourself to relive any of the above-mentioned scenes and you cannot deny the pulchritude given to the horse by thebreast plate, saddle, and accessory equipment. Needless to say, the performance of the animal hinges greatly upon its support. Historically regardless of venue or presented task, Devoucoux Biarritz products have emerged as champions in all arenas.As a matter of fact, Devoucoux Biarritz’s French inspirations stand head and tails above the competition. Not just because of the final appearance of the product, but due to the methodological approach and handcrafted attention given to each piece. Devoucoux Biarritz establishes a lifelong rapport with each client cultivating an intimate glimpse into each individual personality which is incorporated into the fine craftsmanship of the equestrian tools. Abating mass production and heavy machinery for the intricate detailsof human hands enables the persona of the jockey and the horse to be fully captured.With exact measurements taken and desires fulfilled, the only thing that remains is to experience the functionality of the materials one activity at a time.

Assuredly, each opportunity will be met with novel revelations, fond appreciation, and a newly discover infinity for the chosen mechanisms. Together Devoucoux Biarritz and you will forgeunique memories which transcend time to be shared with future generations to come.Ultimately, each new owner will be able to quote the Latin phrase, “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” (I came. I saw. I conquered.)



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